N5th Piers

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It Ben calls in from the field: the pier on North 5th st. in Williamsburg, where contestants in the Brooklyn Fishing Derby are feverishly digging buckets of frozen and fresh bunker to try and outdo the current champ. Learn the methods of these master fishermen, including how they handle bungees and bathroom breaks.

Live From Rockaway Beach

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It: a live broadcast from the Far Rockaways with Mr. Bait himself. Tune in for daring tales of yuppies stealing boats (and getting caught), squirming bait in buckets, and the secret to why fishing is not called “catching”.

Kevin Glendhill

On this week’s show, Ben is joined by Kevin Glendhill, the master craftsman behind The Greenpoint Tackle Company. The two discuss the art and sport of handmade lures over a bowl of chowder, and answer the age-old question, ‘what’s a tackle retailer to do in Brooklyn’.


This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It!, Ben takes us on an educational, hands on, real time journey into the world of chowder. Ben makes whole batch of fresh chowder from scratch in real time inside HRN studios, taking listeners though each step and giving tips and hints along the way. He also goes into some fun historical chowder facts, like why meat is a mainstay in most chowders, the origin of the New England vs Manhattan chowder, and why we live in perhaps the most ideal “chowder time” in history.

Shameless Carnivore

This week on Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It, Ben spoke to Scott Gold, author of The Shameless Carnivore. Scott has just finished a quest to eat 31 animals in 31 days, a spiritual journey that he illustrates on the air through conversation and song. Plus Gold, a Louisiana native, describes his beloved home beaches (now filled with tar-balls) in the aftermath of the BP oil spill.

Captain Luna

Ben sits down with Billy of Crossbay Fishing Station to eat some fresh caught striped bass fried up by Joanne of Captain Luna’s. The boys talk how the fishing season has been going and “murderin’” the bluefish.

Le Bernadin

Ben sits down with CICIEI’s own Director Bruno for a first class meal at Le Bernardin.

Prime Key Lime

Ben gets left behind as the big boys go out fishing…Crying on the beach Ben buys himself a few pies to feel better about himself. When the boys get back…Ben is 10 pounds bigger and if it wasn’t enough..What a catch! Ouch…Steve! At least your pies are f-ing great!

Catch It, Cook It & Eat It - Dean Ween from Brooklyn Chowder Surfer on Vimeo.

Dean Ween

Ben hangs out with no other than Dean Ween, guitarist of the highly successful cult=favorite rock band Ween. Dean is also an avid fisherman and gives tours from his charter boat.

BP Oil Spill

Ben interviews his father author William Sargent about the implications that the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill will have on the environment, sea life, and our economy.